What is it?

The Tactical Funhouse is a completely new live action airsoft shooting course with 6 rooms, 24 targets, blacklights, strobe lights, LED lights, assault rifles, terrorists, countdown timers and music which all work together to give you a MASSIVE ADRENALINE RUSH.

How do you play?

You enter the Funhouse by yourself, with a friend or with a group of friends. After a quick orientation where our staff show you exactly what to do, we give you a magazine and you head into the staging room to pickup your assault rifle. A 5-second timer beeps and a whistle blows signaling you to start your game… 

You then run as fast as you can through the 6 rooms while shooting all of the targets. A scoreboard/timer keeps track of how fast and accurate you in the lobby and your friends can watch the action on a big screen TV.

Can I watch?


We have a TV in the lobby and CCTV cameras installed in every single room. 

This means you can watch your friends, cheer them on and laugh when they miss all the targets or fail to beat your time!


Will I get hurt?/Is it safe?



Which is a fancy way of saying “No one is shooting at you!” 

It’s just you firing at stationary targets. 

We also give you a choice between safety masks and googles which protect your eyes so you don’t have to worry about ricochets!

Can my kids play?


Because there is no force-on-force contact we can allow anyone from the ages of 6+ to play. 

We’ll also have a staff member follow behind just to make sure nothing happens and they have a great time!

Can two people run at the same time?



Can I take pictures?


We’d hate for you to leave with taking any memories home with you. At the end of your game session we will walk through the shoothouse and you will have the opportunity to take as many pictures as you like!

Do you host birthdays, corporate events, private parties?


You can schedule a private session for just your family, friends and co-workers during the week by calling our number (602-993-5787) and asking: “I’d like to schedule a private party for this date and time.”

I want to play.

Just call (602) 993-5787 when you’re ready to schedule your reservation.